HUMANS OF RHS: Shaelene Wortham


Sophomore Shaelene Wortham has big plans for her future in theater.

As a child, she gravitated toward the performing arts, despite her parents pushing to see her in a sports uniform. After acting in Intertwined, Wortham’s perception of her ability as an actress shifted. Next month, Wortham will be testing her mettle by auditioning in community productions outside of the halls of high school.

-Nicole Khudyakov



“[In community theater] you don’t really know everyone involved with the program, but it’s good to interact with new and different people. It’s just cool to step into a different thing and … I just want to learn everything there is to know about theater. There’s only so much that you can do in school so I want to get deeper into theatre and everything involved in it.”

“[But you also] don’t know the people judging you, so that’s nerve wracking. In a school production, you know people going into it. But now, it’s refreshing and kind of stressful to not know anyone going into it, but that’s life — you’re not going to know everyone going into everything.”