HUMANS OF RHS: Isaac Albrecht



For Senior Isaac Albrecht, Legos are the building blocks that make up his passion to create. His collecting journey started around five years ago and has become even stronger as time has gone on.

“I started around 8th grade when my dad got me my stranger things set.” Albrecht said.

Albrecht believes that the challenge that comes with putting large sets together makes the end result worthwhile and gives him a sense of accomplishment. The largest set Albrecht has completed was his Lego Hogwarts set that contains a whopping 6,020 pieces.

“The most ambitious project I had taken part in has to be Hogwarts and making a stop motion of it I also put in lights and set it up with Alexa” Albrecht said.

While Albrecht has a great many sets including a Hedwig, a ninjago destiny’s bounty ship, the slave 1, the millennium falcon, and a Lego NES console, One of Albrecht’s favorite sets he has finished is his Lego daily bugle containing around 5,000 pieces.

“One of my favorite sets has to be the Lego Daily Bugle, the windows come off and have the Green Goblin coming out and it’s pretty sick” Albrecht said.

Along with his passion of building Legos, Albrecht also has taken a liking to creating 3D printed models. Albrecht has created omni rings, or rings that are designed to look like the omnitrix from Ben Ten and also figures from video game series Hollow Knight.

Albrecht’s Hardest project when it comes to his 3D printing are matching necklaces he made for he and his girlfriend.

“This one definitely took the longest,” Albrecht said. “This took like a month to make and another month to replicate.”

While Albrecht doesn’t think he has gotten his friends into his quite expensive hobby, spending well over $1000,  he believes that giving them legos shows why he is so passionate about his collections.

Whether it’s building Skyscrapers, Starships, or building off of his friendships, Isaac shall continue to build in the future.

“Giving them Lego sets shows them why I love doing it so much,” Albrecht said. “And hopefully it has introduced them to the world of Lego.”