Eye of the Tiger

SHULL: Underclassmen can handle AP rigor
PIEDAD: SAT curve subjectivity proves detrimental
PIEDAD: Cans can’t
EASTMAN: Off-campus lunch: opportunity to recharge
KHUDYAKOV: Inconsistent AP credits come at emotional cost
METTEN: Don’t discredit community college
HUBER: Prioritizing storage over expression
NGUYEN: Learning lessons from Multicultural Day
PIEDAD: The sun never rises in 900 East building
HANDLING: Wellness center proves valuable to student culture
KHUDYAKOV: Fragility of programs inescapable
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LETTERS FROM A SENIOR: Ask the important questions

March 22, 2019

Coming into High school as a freshman, I thought it was going to be the hardest four years of my life....

LETTERS FROM A SENIOR: High school isn’t hard; life is

March 11, 2019

My four years of being in high school have been the most vital to my life. Most people tell you that...

LETTERS FROM A SENIOR: Branch out, take risks

January 30, 2019

As application season finally comes to a close, the inevitable question approaches: where do you want...

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