Eye of the Tiger

EYE OF THE TIGER’S VIEW: It’s about time for One-to-One

April 23, 2018

Next year, Roseville High School will distribute Chromebooks to freshmen and sophomore classes for at-home and in-class use. In two years, every student at RHS will possess a school-owned device due to the revolutionary district initiative, Digital Equity in Learning. This initiative aims to expand student equity and succeeds in doing so. The world is changing, and this 106-year-old school is finally...

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KHUDYAKOV: Unreliable calender hinders awareness
MEDRANO: ROAR buck use nullifies improved student store
BENNETT: E15M replacement still necessary
NGUYEN: College Rejection Letter
WHITNEY: Senior Olympics gone, never forgotten
Inform students during lock-down
Send RHS emails to relevant recipients
Common core books inadequate guidance
Finance as pre-requisite grants effective motivator
Walkout conduct requires purpose, respect
Cancellation of Sadie Hawkins dance unfair for buyers
Reckless drivers on Berry Street disrupt stability
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LETTERS FROM A SENIOR: Find healthy friendships, let others go

April 23, 2018

Our friend group has virtually been the same since middle school, and we thought it would always be that...

LETTERS FROM A SENIOR: Experiment in all areas of interest

February 26, 2018

Going into high school I had no idea that I would take part in the programs that I am in today. I walked...

LETTERS FROM A SENIOR: Follow useful cliches

February 5, 2018

Over the course of our high school career, we’ve picked some life lessons and cliches that have genuinely...

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