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Commentary on Roseville Commentary

August 9, 2022

A big part of sports as a whole is commentary. It lets the viewer know things they may not have noticed or things they may not understand. It could tell you stats or players names. And those are all things that Roseville commentary doesn’t provide.

I will say, they do the minimum requirement for what commentary should be, but that’s it. Things like introducing the players names and saying if they score. That is all they really do though, and there isn’t much personality. 

I remember when I would go to football games in Granite Bay, the commentary was amazing. They would go into detail after a play, and give the signature, “Touchdooooooooooowwwwn Grrrrrrrrrrizzles!” It would get you even more hyped than the touchdown itself did. It’s things like that where you can really see what commentary can do for a game.

I’m not saying replace the commentators, but maybe just have them try out some new things, and DEFINITELY show more emotion. Like the Granite Bay announcer, maybe try to come up with a signature thing. Something that will make people connect with a Roseville football game. Something that will upset people when they go to a game and they don’t hear it.

I also feel like after play commentary is something that needs to be fixed. Right now they kind of just some up who had the ball and how many yards it went. Saying things like what kind of play it was, what they did right or wrong on the play, praising the player or another player that helped with the play, would just make a big difference. They are minor things, but they add a lot. It can help someone who maybe doesn’t understand the game or maybe someone who missed the play. 

Good commentary could even shed some light on the impact of positions that people may not notice. For example, you can have a really good running back, but blocking makes a huge impact on how successful your running game will be. If you have bad offensive lineman, you probably won’t have a great run game. You can see this in Roseville’s run game. Brandon Graydon is a great running back, but he also had a great offensive line to run behind, and I feel they never got any attention.

This isn’t a huge issue that needs to be fixed right now or all of the football games will be terrible, but it’s something that could make going to a game a better experience. With the lack of creative commentary with a sport like football, it’s hard to imagine that other sports like basketball and baseball would be much better. While I don’t know if they need to be improved for other sports, I think football would be a necessity with the attendance numbers. 

I don’t think it’s the commentators themselves at this point, because I’ve been around to see a few commentators and they all had the same issue. I don’t know if the person who’s in charge of who is in the booth is telling them to do it a certain way, but I personally don’t think it’s working. Football is such an energetic sport and I feel like commentary should reflect that.

Football is an easy sport to analyze, especially in a short amount of time. While I don’t think it’s something the average person could just pick up and excel at, it can definitely be done with little to no practice for someone who understands football. A solution that I think could work is just have the current commentators try to add some more to their commentary, or maybe have tryouts for new commentators. Either way, Roseville’s crowds will be listening closely.

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