OPINION: Unique traffic obstacles make it hard to get to school



Roseville High is one of the oldest schools in the area and it is showing its age in many ways, specifically students and parents driving to and from campus. There are many obstacles in the way

when trying to approach campus because Roseville is in the middle of a neighborhood.

The train tracks are one of those obstacles that have made students late in the past. During my freshman year I remember running late to school, so I took a different route than normal which caused me to go over the train tracks.

That day the train happened to be coming right at the time that I was arriving at school, causing me to be late to my first period. I had to go to the office and get a pass, but my tardy was not excused even though I couldn’t control the train passing.

No students are going to be checking the Roseville train schedule to make sure that a train is not coming at the normal time that they would leave for school. Everyone is just surprised when they are made late by the train crossing and having no other way to reach campus in a timely manner.

Students should not receive tardies if they can’t control the train stopping them from reaching school because they most likely would have made it to school on time.

Not only are the train tracks something that causes students to be late to school, we are also right near the mall. Some students drive to campus by taking Berry street and going by the mall and possibly the Fountains as well.

This is especially bad after school gets out. More people are on the roads in the afternoon, heading to the fountains to get lunch or shop for some new clothes. The round-a-bouts by the fountains become very crowded and it adds 10 minutes onto the time it takes me to get home.

If you have a doctor’s appointment or something that you need to attend right after school, you better hope that you are the first one to the parking lot or you are not making it on time to where you need to go.

The other way that students can get to school is over the crooked bridge. The crooked bridge is also very crowded in the mornings and after school. The three way stop creates that traffic jam especially from people making that big u-turn from Lincoln St.

Once you make it over the crooked bridge, another four way stop at Sierra Blvd and Yosemite St creates more traffic though it is slightly smaller.

Yeah, the traffic starts to clear up once it gets closer to the final bell ringing for students to get to class but by that point, you are already late to class and receiving a tardy.

I understand that this would be a difficult problem to fix because we aren’t able to just move the school to another location to make it easier to get to. Neither are we able to remove the train tracks and stop trains from passing when they need to.

Something that could possibly help the traffic and get students home faster is having dedicated spots for pick up and drop off. If all students who were getting picked up and dropped off had one or two locations where only they could be picked up, I think that would improve traffic for the entire school.

Traffic is something that every school has to deal with, but Roseville gets the worst of it because of its location. Woodcreek is right on a main street that makes it easy for students to get in and out of their parking lot. We have multiple ways and all of them still get backed up.