Proposed schedules don’t meet student needs



Roseville High School recently held a survey for teachers to vote on the schedule to be implemented in the 2022-2023 school year, to comply with State Senate Bill 328: the school start time bill.

There were a total of 3 options to choose from, all different. Option 1 consists of the current schedule, but shifted 50 minutes forward. With the day beginning at 8:30 and ROAR shifting to 9:57-10:27.

Lunch, the biggest change, will be shifted to 11:56-12:26 for First Lunch. Second Lunch will be held at 1:23-1:53.

This schedule, while having the absurdly late second lunch, makes the most sense to me. Having the same exact schedule everyone is used to, but only shifted 50 minutes forwards. Keeping the morning ROAR where students may catch up on work, or have a simple quick break is good. As well as keeping the first lunch in the same hour-span area.

There are some cons to this schedule, such as keeping a second lunch at 1:23 is going to raise problems for students. Having a late lunch will be slow and horrible for students in terms of hunger. Some people I know don’t eat breakfast due to their personal reasons. In this case it would hurt even more to eat that late.

Option 2 opts to switch ROAR to after second period, before first lunch. Making ROAR at 11:26-12:26, with lunch following at 11:56-12:26.

There are no good things about this choice.

Having ROAR before lunch will not work out the way it’s intended to. If it were to be before lunch, students would just use that time as an extended lunch, instead of using it for what it’s intended for, studying, a break or making up tests.

I still have the same problems with lunch as I did with the other option. It’s still way too late for students.

Option 3 choses to have ROAR before fourth period, after second lunch.

ROAR will be at 1:23-1:53, but moving back first lunch to 11:20-11:50 and second lunch to 12:47-1:17.

I have the same problem with ROAR as before. Either before or after lunch wouldn’t work. Most of the time students would just be using it for an extended lunch. This lunch has the perfect placement out of these options. Keeping them near the same time they are now. Not too early, not too late . I imagine I speak for a lot of people when I say 1:26 is way too late for a second lunch

Collaboration days are being switched to Wednesday. Starting first period at 9:25 and ending at 3:20. This is due to the district wanting to match Granite Bay’s schedule and having students get in later rather than get out earlier works better for teachers contractual minutes. The contractual minutes are switching from 10 minutes before school and 30 minutes after to 30 before and 10 after.

Getting out earlier is better. Most students attend a job or play sports, capitalizing on that extra time. Now that it is gone, sports are most likely to move to mornings, practically losing that time in mornings we gained. All we gain from that is an extra hour of sleep for students who don’t do after school activities.

Overall, option 1 was the winner. Making the 2022-2023 school year shifted forward by 50 minutes. Hopefully, some time in the future, they fix the lunches to a more suitable time. Either way I do look forward to that extra hour of sleep.