HUMANS OF RHS: Lucas Guzman



Junior Lucas Guzman has been pursuing photography for the past few years. He takes many different types of photos, either featuring other people or nature shots. Lucas Guzman hopes to use what he has learned with photography to pursue a career in either professional photography or media marketing.

                                                                      -Travis Desmond.

“I’ve been taking photos a little bit throughout my life just because my mom was a photographer, so it’s kind of a family business. But I really started taking it seriously with the new year, like with January 2022. I really like sports so some of my buddies are athletes they’re typically who I take photos for, but I wanna start doing more nature shots as well. Those are the two primary photos I take.”

“Well, I just had a camera and my buddy knew I like to take photos and he was like ‘come out to one of my games’, so I came out and took some photos for them. I love being with the team and they were really grateful that they could get some photos and I was glad to share them.” 

“I really want to pursue it. I want to go into the marketing and media cloud so even if I do get bored of photography, I could still change my specific career, but still wanna be in media marketing and media is where I wanna go. But for now, it’s a dream to do photography for any major company.”