HUMANS OF RHS: Paula Righello

Spanish teacher Paula Righello’s classroom is a cornucopia of culture and knick-knacks gathered from her many years of travel — before she settled down as a teacher.

Between adventures in France, Italy, and Switzerland, and schooling in countries from Argentina and Cuba, Righello developed a strong passion for language derived from years of traveling from country to country have lead Righello to develop a close understanding of what it takes to learn a language.

-Nicole Khudyakov



“The study of a language is not just a study of the words; the structure — it’s the study of the people who speak that language, and their perspective, and their practices [and] the habits embedded in their cultures.

The reason I like traveling is it opens your eyes to a whole different world. And in today’s society I think it’s just really important to have different perspectives and not be so insulated and inexperienced about what else is out there.

And although I’m required to get kids to learn certain things… I try to imbed culture with that, so kids get a different perspective – a different experience.”