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Two RHS students foster furry friends

Two RHS students foster furry friends


September 17, 2018

RHS students Caroline Mason and Abby Edmondson have fostered a bond with some furry friends. The pair’s shared love of cats manifested in the foster kittens they began looking after. For junior Abby Edmonson, this was an entirely new experience, as she had been yearning for a cat for a long time. ...

RHS sophomore personality finds fame on social media

RHS sophomore personality finds fame on social media


September 4, 2018

Sophomore Brandon Eastman’s hard work is paying off through his Fortnite focused gaming channel on Youtube. The massive success Eastman experienced came after months of hard work. “Yeah I never really just [blew] up I’ve been doing it for a couple months, it’s been a little bit of a grind...

RHS to host upcoming Multicultural Day

RHS to host upcoming Multicultural Day


August 28, 2018

Two teachers are planning a multicultural day celebration for RHS students. Science teacher Jeffrey Underwood and BSU advisor Keshila Jones are spearheading the multicultural day celebration, which is meant to be a day for students to honor their culture through music, dance, art, and food. “In ...

New drama teacher develops program to meet student needs

Jennifer Saigeon, Roseville's newest drama teacher, is working on implementing a more student run, student-oriented program for her students. She hopes to prevent a disorienting shift by slowly easing into new techniques.


August 17, 2018

New drama teacher Jennifer Saigeon is developing the drama program to suit her students’ needs. Saigeon first discovered Roseville High School and it’s theatre program while looking to move closer to home. “I looked at many schools, but I loved Roseville’s program.” Saigeon said. “They h...

Buzzfeed article recognizes seniors

Buzzfeed article recognizes seniors


May 29, 2018

Seniors Emily Botnen and Alexandra Kramer were recently featured in a Buzzfeed article regarding senior quotes. Though it was Botnen’s tweet that went viral -- receiving 87 retweets and 289 likes -- Kramer is officially credited in the article. According to Kramer, she was not expecting all of the ...

Theater background shapes princess portrayal


Annabelle Tiznado enjoys spending time with kids as the Disney princess Moana. She uses her prior experience babysitting children, as well as her singing skills in order to keep them entertained.


May 14, 2018

Sophomore Annabelle Tiznado’s theater experience has given her plenty of preparation for her current job, which combines acting, singing, and dressing up as a character in order to become a princess for children’s parties. Specifically, Tiznado dresses up as Moana from the Disney princess movie “Moana.” She...

Gamer takes control, practices for dream career



May 14, 2018

Roseville High School senior Dalton Gerstle’s idea of a dream professional career includes one hand on a keyboard, the other on a mouse. Gerstle’s passion lies in Counter Strike, a multiplayer, first-person shooter video game requiring skill and precision in order to excel. “It’s not a game...

Student’s cookie business sweetens school

Kelsey Garcia’s cookie decoration business has had several successful customers, due to the quality of her work.


May 14, 2018

RHS senior and entrepreneur Kelsey Garcia took her decorating abilities beyond friends and family by selling custom decorated cookies via social media. Garcia was originally introduced to the idea while watching online videos. “I saw videos on Instagram and I wanted to try it,” Garcia said....

HUMANS OF RHS: Brooke Burgess



May 14, 2018

Freshman Brooke Burgess is above doing yoga or breathing exercises in order to de-stress. Instead, one of her favorite methods of relaxation after a long, stressful day of high school and babysitting younger cousins is calligraphy. Upon discovering calligraphy and with a little bit of practice, Burgess...

Student guns for experience



May 14, 2018

The first time sophomore Mele Tuimaunei picked up an airsoft gun, she immediately followed up by attempting to shoot her brothers with its pellets. Tuimaunei’s introduction to airsofting left her with a strong impression and a desire to continue playing. “It was really cool the first time,”...

Sophomore’s language skills grant upperclass course entry


Josh Briscoe frequents French teacher Amy Mowrer’s classroom, where he recieves advice on his conversational skills and analysis of the stories he writes in French.


May 14, 2018

Roseville High School sophomore Josh Briscoe has held an interest in language studies since middle school, but his current thorough studies in French have led him to set his sights on new opportunities. Briscoe’s self-taught French skills have advanced enough that he feels confident skipping straight...

Mural Club reaches out to local elementary school

Mural Club reaches out to local elementary school

April 27, 2018

Roseville High School's mural club recently volunteered at a local elementary school.