Roseville Student Jams Punk Rock

April 27, 2023

Senior Jesse Montoya has an interest in making punk rock music, and he gets his inspiration for music from his loved ones around him, who has helped him a lot.

“It all kind of started when I was a kid, my sister was a musician as well. And I always felt the 

need to drum on tables and stuff like that,” Montoya said. “My best friend Richard Wood is also a musician and he plays guitar and drums and is really talented.”

Jesse has learned to play various different instruments, but he mainly plays the guitar, which is what he likes the most and has gotten the best at. He practices every night, as well as whenever he can with his punk rock band he currently is in called Solution Euphoria, which has a unique story about how the name came to be.

“I do vocals and I can kind of keep a simple beat on the drums,” Montoya said.“ [The name] Euphoria we came up with way long ago, it’s like a feeling of happiness, like a chemical in your brain, but we never liked Euphoria by itself so we put a solution before it.”

Montoya has been making music for a few years now with different people and friends, as well as being 2 bands in the past. He has learned more and more about the ins and outs of punk rock, gaining as much experience as he can to further improve his hobby. He started learning the guitar in the eighth grade, and after that he started his first band.

“We had a band in the eighth grade and it didn’t really workout all that well.” Montoya said. “I like Punk Rock becuase we like to fight for good causes against all of the very horrible things.”  

After his first band, he started another band with his best friend Richard Wood, and they started Montoya’s second band. Over the last year, Montoya only has a few people playing with him in Solution Euphoria, but they all play a major part in the band, helping Montoya with what he loves to do. He has also gained many lifelong friends while pursuing this hobby.

“There’s four people in the band, It’s Me, Richard, and Nathan who plays bass, Annabella Vaden who plays rhythm guitar,” Montoya said. 

Solution Euphoria played at last year’s and this year’s RHS fall guitar show, playing some cover songs along with their original songs from their band.


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