Students Skate Through Friendship

May 12, 2023

A group of guys at RHS have a passion for skateboarding together. Senior Jake Dalton consistently skates and works towards getting better. 

“So I started skating around like July 2020 a little bit after COVID started and like the school shut down. My homie Weston told me about it and I thought it’d be like super cool to try out and I just stuck with it ever since,” said Jake Dalton.

Dalton enjoys that everyone who skates has their own style not only with skating but with their outfits too. 

“Just being able to do like whatever you want is like super awesome, like there’s like endless things you can do on your skateboard and it’s super good to just like express yourself,” said Jake Dalton.

This group of friends also created a Youtube channel based on their skating called Kreative Skate where they have documented their fun times skating together. 

“Uh the YouTube channel is basically just a spot where we can post a lot of random videos and us just having fun. I think it’s pretty cool cause like whatever we have is going to be there forever and we can always just look back on it. It’s like a good way to store memories,” said Weston Folgia. 

Weston also enjoys skating at Thomas Jefferson Elementary school which is one of the spots they all skate at the most. 

“I really like the T.J., Thomas Jefferson three stair because it’s pretty easy and you can learn stuff down a little stair set and eventually go to bigger stairs just kind of throw stuff down it, It’s pretty fun,”said Folgia.

Another one of their skate spots is their “DIY skate park”. Folgia’s older brother started building stuff to skate on on an empty piece of land that they hope to add on to eventually. 

“Just hangin out making memories that’s the best part. I love skating with all my friends. It’s super fun, super chill and just like we do a lot of skating but also when we’re skating we do a lot of hanging out and just like doing dumb stuff so it just adds to those core memories as a teenager,” said Weston Folgia. 

Senior Luke Jones enjoys going to different skate parks around the state with his friends. 

“Probably my favorite thing about skating is just chilling with the homies you know. Like during quarantine we would go out and skate like the whole day. Wake up like early in the morning, go out come back at night. It was fun,” said Luke Jones.

As most of the friend group is seniors and going away to college this fall they hope to skate more over the summer and make more memories together. 

“Skating’s really fun, you should go out and try it.” said Jones. 

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