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A Father and Daughter Program Collaboration

March 30, 2023


It’s not common for family members to work together, let alone a father and a daughter. RHS teacher Brent Mattix and student Alyssa Mattix defy this standard at RHS. The duo has been working together to hold up the student government class for a while now, and Brent has come to love the benefits that come with working at his daughter’s school. 

“It’s already super rewarding to just be a teacher and it’s double bonus when your own kids are in your classroom and your program and you get to see them in a different light and spend additional time with them,” Brent said.

Alyssa had her concerns at first, but now realizes how grateful she is to have him here. She is also firm on the fact that her father runs a strong student government program. 

“I was very hesitant when I went in freshman year not really knowing how it was gonna be because I knew I was gonna end up having him for leadership and student government, but I honestly love it so much,” Alyssa said. “He’s such a great teacher and such like a great support system to have. It’s been a really positive experience.”

Brent is very grateful to have his daughter in his own program. 

“One thing that’s been really neat is being able to observe Alyssa in a different focus point that many dads would be able to get, since we work together on a daily basis, since she’s been a part of our student government program for the last four years,” Brent said.

Alyssa knows how great it is to have her father by her side when dealing with the demands of school life.

“It’s really like comforting because high school is just super stressful and to have the person that knows you super super well and you know is always on your side always there,” Brent said.

But, all great things must come to an end. Alyssa is a senior, and Brent is sad but proud to see her go in a few months.

“So I’ve had three kids come through this school, and Alyssa’s our baby, so it’s gonna be tough seeing her cross that stage. Very excited about it but also it’s gonna be tough,” Brent said.

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