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Jewelry Business Shines Across RHS

April 21, 2023


Creating a business is not a simple, everyday thing for a high school student. However, approximately a year ago, Junior Syuri Dior did so. She created her own jewelry business, jewelrybysdior. She offers a wide selection of items and handcrafts them herself. 

“She has multiple selections of jewelry like earrings, necklaces, belly jewelry,” Bisic said.

Customers can send Dior inspiration pictures and she will craft pieces that match their requests, in order to ensure customer satisfaction. She makes custom pieces, and not only creates modern jewelry, but dabbles in vintage pieces as well.

“For the more vintage/antique ones I go to Antique Trove to make sure that they’re authentically vintage,” Dior said.

Dior’s customers include fellow Roseville students. Junior Melody Bisic has bought from the business and is satisfied with her multiple purchases. 

“I’ve gotten multiple accessories from Syuri which add on to my outfits, I’ve gotten this cross necklace that has jewels on it and this crystal and I’ve also gotten these heart earrings that are a heart locket and have a ruby stone in the middle of them,’ Bisic said.

Having a business and attending a school as large as RHS has its perks for Dior. Customers around the school have helped motivate her to take her business to the next level.

“I’ve already had a lot of people reach out to me through the halls and now I’m starting to ship and that’s why I’m starting to get stickers with my logo on it with the packaging,” Dior said.

Dior hopes for more exposure in the future and plans to continue her jewelry journey. 

“My business is relatively new, I started it this past summer, so it’s my first bit of real exposure I’ve had, so definitely reach out to me,” Dior said.

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