The Bleached Boys

May 17, 2023

It’s not everyday that people make major appearance-altering decisions. However, an RHS duo decided to take that step together. Juniors Clark Nielsen and Aaron Salas showed up to school a few weeks ago looking like completely different people. 

Their once long and dark hair was now replaced with a buzz cut and bleached color. Salas claims their inspiration comes from an RHS teacher. 

“We were inspired by our teacher Mr. Mahlman and we were like man, he’s got some nice hair, a nice haircut, so we were like, we’re gonna do that,” Salas said

Most would be hesitant to make such a drastic change, but the duo was not afraid to do so. Nielsen embraces a positive attitude on their decision. 

“It’s something fun to do, I mean, hair grows back, why not, you only live once,” Nielsen said.

The duo had many reasons to adopt the exact same hairstyle at the same time. This change was something they both did not want to do by themselves. 

“It’s easier because I don’t have to go through being bald alone, so we can relate,” Salas said.

Their haircuts have not only made them look identical, but a change of this nature has strengthened their bond as friends. 

“That’s my boy, it just makes it that much more fun to do it with because I get to do it with one of my homies,” Nielsen said.

Although Nielsen enjoyed the process of shaving and bleaching his head along with Aaron Salas, he was glad for the experience, but plans on going back to his original hairstyle.

“I think I’m gonna grow it out.” Nielsen said. “I want the flow back.”

Overall, both enjoyed the experience thoroughly. However, Salas has wise advice to those wishing to do the same as them.

“Get it professionally done, don’t use the box,” Salas said. “I had to go back and get mine professionally done, just skip the box dye, just go to someone professional.”

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