Eye of the Tiger

HUMANS OF RHS: Thomas Velez

HUMANS OF RHS: Thomas Velez

NICOLE KHUDYAKOV September 24, 2019

Sophomore Thomas Velez’s family moved from church to church, looking for the perfect place of worship that suited their needs. Eventually, they found the right place. Religion has played an important...

Twins explore ‘A Whole New World’

JAYDEN BLAKE September 23, 2019

Disney, in general, is a company to be loved. The animations they create hold passion and display character of the company. The Brandt family has made a connection to Disney that has lasted through...

Teacher talks to promote positivity

NOLAN WARE September 23, 2019

Week by week, students trickle out of Jamie Handling’s room with a smile on their faces. It’s Friday; the weekend is coming, but that’s not the reason their spirits have been lifted. Her students...

Juniors join annual relay against cancer

OWEN YOUNG September 3, 2019

A team composed of RHS juniors put their best foot forward in a 24-hour walkathon that raised over $8,000 for the American Cancer Society. The relay was held to raise funds for cancer patients. Runner...

Student’s learning stretches to Stanford summer program

NICOLE KHUDYAKOV August 23, 2019

 Most students choose to tailor their school schedules to suit their interests, but for one senior, a full year of school just isn’t enough. Student Cassidy Noonan spent the summer of her junior year...

Roberts speaks the language of children


It’s late at night, and the entire family is getting ready to go to sleep – kids tucked in, lights out. But one boy tosses and turns, unable to turn off his mind. Unable to calm down enough to sleep. The...

Kyle Barnes helps young athlete overcome disabilities

MEGAN HUBER May 9, 2019

According to the National Federation of State High School Association, “Effective coaching runs deeper than wins and losses. It also includes reaching athletes on an individual level.” Senior Kyle...

Student dives into underwater ecosystems

Student dives into underwater ecosystems

RYLEY METTEN April 24, 2019

Though Joseph Bonar may look like the typical high school senior, beyond the surface lurks an interest in marine life that has led to some rather interesting hobbies – his most recent, collecting, breeding...

Junior Ike Bischof carries in a cardboard box to use in his self-written musical.

Junior crafts show from cardboard

TYLER COOPER April 19, 2019

Students gather in the lobby of the Patty Baker Theater, half-hidden behind cardboard cutouts. The handmade props surround the cast of Roseville High School’s newest musical cast, created by junior Ike...

HUMANS OF RHS: Gavin Valdemoro

HUMANS OF RHS: Gavin Valdemoro


Freshman Gavin Valdemoro is a theater kid through and through. Currently acting in an Roseville Theater Arts Academy production of West Side Story, Valdemoro got his first taste of the spotlight when his...

Seniors reel in film fantasies

Seniors reel in film fantasies

TANNER BEASOM April 3, 2019

Careful cinematography and well-placed state lights are only part of what drives a film forward. Student directors Sophia Applebaum and Madi King bring passion and excitement to their self-produced...

Freshman celebrates fifth year cancer free

VINNY JORDAN March 29, 2019

Five years ago, Hailey Joseph woke up from a six hour surgery with her teary eyed mother at her side. Her family’s long held suspicions had finally been confirmed. Joseph had just been diagnosed with...

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