Eye of the Tiger

Maddie Rose's baking talents manifested themselves through her flower-pot themed, winning cupcakes.

Senior cooks up winning sweet treats

JAKOB THRUELSEN January 15, 2020

From a spectator to passionate competitor, senior Madison Rose has developed a sweet spot for baked goods.  Rose has come a long way from the early days of her baking career as an inexperienced student...

Rec admin tackles teaching P.E. at Maidu

BRANDON EASTMAN December 18, 2019

Leaving campus could be a strenuous task, but for 4th period rec admin this in their daily schedule. Traditionally, they have only taught at Spanger Elementary, which is within walking distance to RHS....

Mckibbon relies on her cards and intuition in equal measure during her readings.

Playing with a full deck of tarot cards

NICOLE KHUDYAKOV December 18, 2019

There is a small, green cloth bag stored at the bottom of Kristen Mckibben’s backpack. During free ROAR periods, when she has nothing to do but socialize, Mckibben unties the neat white ribbon and folds...

Hernandez combines his background in dance and bright personality to create a compelling mascot persona.

The junior hiding behind the mask

ISABELLA FULLI December 18, 2019

Upon entering his junior year, Orlando Hernandez realized he was looking for something new. He needed to find an opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. That’s where the RHS cheer team came...

Senior strikes up a passion for bowling

CAM MEDRANO December 17, 2019

When senior Colin Allen approaches a bowling lane, red 16-pound ball in hand, muscle memory takes over as he takes a deep breath and allows for a blank state of mind. He swings his arm and allows his body’s...

Fishing is a family habit. Leahy, who now commonly fishes for sport, learned through his dad.

Hobbyist casts line to fishing passion

DOMINIC CHES November 18, 2019

There’s a tug on the fishing line. Then another. Quickly, with the smooth movements of an experienced fisherman, Neil Leahey reels in the catch.  Senior Neil Leahey discovered his passion for casual...

Worms wriggle into heart of campus

LUCAS GEWERTH October 29, 2019

They wiggle. And they’́re squishy. Packed together among clumps of earthy soil, the worms reside in a bright red box plastered with faded writing. This was the first step to creating a brand new compost...

New thrift club strings together sustainability efforts through teen interest

JULIE NGUYEN October 25, 2019

From reusable straws to Greta Thunberg, teens are making strides towards a more sustainable future. This year, a group of seniors at RHS decided to take environmental consciousness into their own respective...

Senior builds up LEGO collection

DOMINIC CHES October 14, 2019

Lego blockades and miniature toy creations make up the foundation of one senior’s favorite past time. As an avid collector, Borna Oghabian has managed to amass a rich variety of knick-knacks and trinkets...

Teacher talks to promote positivity

NOLAN WARE October 14, 2019

Week by week, students trickle out of Jamie Handling’s room with a smile on their faces. It’s Friday; the weekend is coming, but that’s not the reason their spirits have been lifted. Her students...

After his extended hospital stay, Wolfe returned to school, scar in tow, determined to make up for lost time.

Healing at home

NATHAN PIEDAD September 24, 2019

Summer is a time for brand new memories and restful days. Unfortunately for senior Jackson Wolfe, part of that time was spent huddled in a hospital room more than 2,000 miles away from home. Wolfe spent...

Right, junior Shane Meadows-Yaw practices his language skills during a speaking exercise in Spanish 4. Meadows-Yaw was one among two students who travelled to Spain this summer.

The trek to fluency

DEVON DICKENS September 24, 2019

The most difficult part of travel doesn’t always have to be booking tickets or organizing luggage - especially not when a language barrier stands in the way. This summer, two RHS students visited Spanish-speaking...

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