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Joker dances it's way as one of Hollywood's best films

Joker dances it’s way as one of Hollywood’s best films

OWEN YOUNG October 18, 2019

To go witness a masterpiece, such as Joker, you have to arrive mentaly equipped for the mental and emotional bounds this film will stretch you to. I, along with the rest of the crowd seeping into the theater...

Seniors Ethan Jones and Winter Scantlin dip into their roles as Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan, holding their iconic pose for a moment.


MEGAN HUBER October 17, 2019

The Great Gatsby swings into the Patti Baker Theater starting this Thursday. The play, based on the book written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, follows a 1920’s town after Jay Gatsby arrives. The show features...

Scantlin works on perfecting her scene with directer Jennifer Saigeon.


MEGAN HUBER October 15, 2019

To kick off her penultimate performance with the Roseville High Theatre Company, senior Winter Scantlin plays Daisy Buchanan in the classic play, The Great Gatsby. - Megan Huber   What do you...

Kim Petras

Kim Petras “Turns off the Lights” in new album


On the first of this month Kim Petras released the full version of her Halloween themed album. She originally released Turn off the Light Vol. 1  last October and planned to release the second volume...

Halloween can't miss classics

Halloween can’t miss classics

Can't Miss Horrors The Shining The cult classic The Shining is a horror film directed by Stanley Kubrick that uses suspense in an exciting and scary way. The movie mixes psychological horror with...


Sacramento Ultimate Terror Scream Park scares up a good time

OWEN YOUNG October 8, 2019

Trudging up to the Sacramento Ultimate Terror Scream Park, my hands were trembling, stomach twisted in wretched knots, and mind saturated in pure fear. Scattered randomly throughout the parking...


TRAILER WATCH: DC’s Birds of Prey looks to hunt down on success

OWEN YOUNG October 4, 2019

 For far too long, DC comic fans have been anticipating the all female, all butt-kicking, super villain team, Birds of Prey, and they have finally delivered, with the first official trailer dropping just...


Big Mouth season 3 trailer leaves fans horrified

OWEN YOUNG September 24, 2019

With the return of fall comes the return of the widely popular adult animated series Big Mouth, and the newly released trailer shows us it’s about to be the craziest season yet.  We see the return...


Borderlands 3 paints new graphics and planets, but misses with the jokes

HAYDEN HOFFMAN September 24, 2019

After a 7 year hiatus, Borderlands 3 has finally been released and there are some big changes added. For any past Borderlands players, you’ll be very surprised with the new additions to your favorite...

Apple’s new products lack innovation

LANDEN REYNOLDS September 23, 2019

Apple season; it's everyone's favorite season right? Nope! In reality, it's the time where everyone talks about how good the phone is and how they are going to get it, but never do. Thousands of children...

The Chef Show Vol. 2 continues to cook up great episodes

The Chef Show Vol. 2 continues to cook up great episodes

JOEY FREID September 17, 2019

The movie Chef(2014) is one of the most heartfelt, feel good movies in recent years and it definitely stands out. It has this amazing quality that is hard to achieve and is very unique to this movie, is...

Indie film, The Lighthouse, shines outside film festivals

Indie film, The Lighthouse, shines outside film festivals

JOEY FREID September 17, 2019

When a trailer movie stands alone by itself as a short film that is better than some movies, you have something special and that's what the trailer for The Lighthouse is, it’s special. Movies like...

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