Skinamarink: The most controversial horror film

March 9, 2023

Skinamarink, directed by Kyle Edward Ball is a horror film about two kids stuck in a house and is somehow the most controversial film this year. 

The film is an extension of the director’s previous work on YouTube, creating short films based on people’s nightmares, this time based on his own nightmares for an entire feature film length.

People’s issues lie with how the film is directed. It is a very hard watch, you never get to see anyone’s face, the camera is always focused in dark corners and we never see what exactly is happening. People find it boring and say that nothing happens. If you are a person that gets bored easily, or if you hate art films, you will despise this movie.

 The movie preys on childhood fear and trauma like no other, bringing you into the perspective of the children. It is not an easy watch, but if you think you can handle not seeing anything too interesting or even not having a coherent plot, this movie will suck you in. It is one of the most poignant movies of the year.

As I said earlier, the film is about two kids, Kevin and Kaylee that are trapped inside their house with their parents gone, and the doors and windows have disappeared. 

The movie uses our protagonists being children to great effect, their being children makes them not even understand how horrible their situation is. If you can’t handle fictionalized depictions of children in peril I also do not recommend watching this movie.

One of my favorite details is that about halfway through the movie, you start to wonder to yourself. “Why haven’t they just turned the lights on?” And then you realize, they can’t even reach the light switch. Moments like this are what make this film amazing, the innocence and naivety of the kids only add to the fear and cause you to empathize with the characters when horrible things inevitably do happen.

The film’s meaning is up to interpretation, and that is the point, the movie is almost a mirror for your emotions, whatever you feel is happening in the movie, is. It could be about abuse, suicide, or even basic childhood fear. It is a beautifully made movie that understandably, most people hate. For the people that love it, however, it is a fantastic film and a great inspiration for younger filmmakers.

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