Downtown Roseville’s The Spongebob Musical: Are you ready kids?

March 14, 2023


Last Friday, Roseville Theater Arts Academy in Downtown Roseville had it’s opening night for The Spongebob Musical, and it was definitely a night to remember.

All of the performances were just outstanding in one way to put it. The casting for Spongebob was phenomenal, with his cartoonish movements and even the voice, just spot on. Whoever cast him should get a raise. The same goes for Mr. Krabs. “Money money in the air!!” as he throws money around. Hilarious. 

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I loved how they had sound effects the whole time, whenever Squidward would walk, they would incorporate the iconic sound effect, making me laugh every time without fail. Squidward’s casting and performance was just great. Another thing I especially loved is that this musical was made just for fun, it didn’t take on serious topics or do anything crazy, it was just a goofy, fun watch that everyone in the theater genuinely enjoyed.

With that, of course, it was cringy at times, however, I think every play that the actors are super young is cringy, but, what are you gonna do? As I said, the play wasn’t anything serious, just Spongebob. The play was the same as the one that aired on TV a few years back, but it didn’t feel like anything less than the original, just on a high school budget of course.

The jokes in the play were almost always funny, of course with some exceptions of just bad timing. The choreography and dances were pretty good although there wasn’t a lot, but the songs are one thing I thought the play did great at.

I’m a huge musical fan, so watching this I expected some good songs, and although it didn’t fully fill my expectations,  some songs I really enjoyed. For example; “A Simple Sponge,” was one of my favorites, because one of my favorite music artists Panic at the Disco wrote it, along with the song Mr. Krabs and Pearl had, and of course, in the end, they played the classic “Best Day Ever,” song. Perfect.

The story was pretty cool too. The basic plot of it was that Spongebob was having a grand old time as usual in Bikini Bottom until they find out a volcano is going to erupt destroying everything, which causes mayhem like discrimination towards Sandy because she’s a squirrel, and just chaos between characters, but Spongebob and Sandy aim to stop it. It was basically some of the films combined.

Overall, I would recommend this musical to anyone who just wants a fun night, with nothing really serious. It was really fun and although it was over 2 hours long, it certainly didn’t feel like it. 

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