DUST OFF THE VINYL: Parallel Lines

DUST OFF THE VINYL: Parallel Lines


Parallel Lines is a 1978 Blondie album and is an album that definitely fits the 70’s era. While this is a rock band, this album definitely sounds like something that would’ve been played at the beach. With its light rock feel and somewhat fast-paced songs, this 39 minute album is something I wish I was able to listen to in concert. 

Within the album is one of Blondie’s most popular songs, being the iconic One Way Or Another. This song is one of their most upbeat and recognized songs and still has that rock-like feel. The vocals are one of the most unique things about the album because they sound a little rough, but also fit the tone of the song. 

Heart Of Glass is also another popular Blondie song that is known to many people for its disco-like music. The instrumental had mostly keyboards, bass, and drums, which kept a beat that was easy to dance to. Although it had this nice flow throughout the song, it didn’t really sound like their usual rock music, but it is still a song that is enjoyable to listen to. 

There were many other songs within the album that aren’t as popular but definitely deserve some recognition such as Fade Away And Radiate. This song began in such a unique way by using siren noises and drums with vocals that give off ominous vibes due to them being echoey and slower than other songs in the album. Throughout the song, there are times when there has been a guitar solo for just a couple of seconds, which adds to the spooky vibes it gives off. 

Picture This was another song within the album that stood out because it was one of the many songs in the album that were more relaxed but still kept an upbeat vibe with the electric guitars that played throughout the song. Another part that stood out was the fact that the vocals within the song sounded like Meg from the 1997 Disney film Hercules when she was singing I Won’t Say (I’m In Love). 

I’m Gonna Love You Too was one of the few songs that felt really fast, which makes sense considering that it is a 2 minute song. The intro for this song was interesting and sounded like something that The Beach Boys would’ve sung since it started upbeat and cheery. You could also tell that this song was definitely the start of Blondie transitioning from 70s music to 80s. The vibe just felt like the start of new music for them. 

The album was mostly upbeat and had a good ratio between fast-paced songs and slower-paced songs. This is an album that should be listened to at least once, but it would also be understandable not to. Parallel Lines is an album that seems like it was going through a transitional period from one era to the next, which felt a little odd but is still a good listen.