Melanie Martinez is “Back From the Dead”

Melanie Martinez is “Back From the Dead”


Melanie Martinez’s new album Portals is set to release on March 31, which is very exciting. Fans can’t wait to see what she has in store since the last time they heard anything from her was in 2020. Although she hasn’t released anything for a couple of years, Melanie Martinez has big plans for this new album.

What got fans intrigued by this album is that it is a new era for the character Crybaby that fans have grown to love throughout many of her albums. As a reference to Melanie Martinez’s film K-12, Crybaby will have a new body since her soul, along with her friends, is immortal. This is why the first snippet released on her Instagram, which teases a song in the album, shows a grave that reads “RIP Crybaby ”. 

Along with the first teaser, there have been many more snippets of songs released on TikTok and Instagram, and every song sounds angelic. Fans can tell that Melanie Martenez’s music has definitely progressed and evolved more compared to her older songs, which is the main purpose of this new character evolving from Crybaby into her new form. 

Besides these snippets, there hasn’t been much news of any song names or whether she has decided to make a new film for this album or not. As far as fans know, everything there is to know will be released on the set date, but in the meantime, we will just get teasers. 

Melanie Martinez stands out from most artists because of her unique music videos and interesting song names, which is something that I like about her. She knows how to draw in her fans with all of the interesting elements incorporated within her style and music, which makes fans love her more.

I can’t wait for this album to be released because I know it has a lot of potential to be one of the best albums she will have created. She continues to impress fans with her ability to create music like no other, and this album will be one of her best creations yet.