TRAILER WATCH: Black Widow is nothing special

After “Avengers: Endgame” came out earlier this year and it was the perfect conclusion to the 10 year story that had been building up. Then, Marvel Decided to include the Tom Holland Spider-Man sequel as an epilogue if you will to the Infinity Saga Arc. And it all felt like a genuine ending to a story, even though we knew the movies would continue with a new generation of characters to build into a new decade long story.


It still feels out of place that the first movie in this new story is Black Widow- one of the original members that died in Endgame. Even though it takes place between the events of the Civil War and Infinity War, it feels wrong to go backwards so soon after such a well crafted ending.

The first trailer came out for Black Widow (set to be released in May 2020) and it looks fine. It’s nothing special- it seems like an average Marvel movie, which is not a bad thing and I wouldn’t expect anything less. After all, we have been pretty spoiled with their recent hot streak with the last two Avengers movies.


I can’t go into this movie thinking it will live up to Marvel’s best or else I will be disappointed. As long as they set up meaningful arcs for the future and give us new characters from the comics to see in movie form then I am fine. I trust Marvel. After all, they have only disappointed me once out of 23 movies with last year’s Captain Marvel, a horrible movie that had no respect for the source material.

Marvel is really focusing on representation and bringing in a lot of new characters in this current phase so naturally, there’s more female led titles and that’s great. I just ask that there is a reason for this movie. I ask that there was a reason other than “its a girl so we are gonna make this because there are so many female superheroes that they have not been introduced.”