TRAILER WATCH: ELSEWHERE seems pretty basic

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February 4, 2020

Recently there has been a dry season for new movie trailers until now because the trailer for ELSEWHERE was released and it looks very basic. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with that, its just that I want something different and lasting to fulfill my movie loving stomach. 

The movie is portrayed to run on a normal movie line- it starts with tragedy striking the main character, then slowly building back up to the resolution of finding love. In this case we follow Bruno; a man around his 30’s whose wife died leaving him in a depressed state. This affected him for two years until his parents decided to get on him about it.


At his all time low he was given an eviction notice. Bruno, being the sad guy, believed that this had no real threat due to him designing and building this home himself. The eviction was followed through however and he lost his beloved home. After final move out, Bruno decided to return to the house to find someone else moving in. Instead of taking an L, he decides to continue hanging around the house. He gets closer to this person who moves in and eventually falls in love. Near the end Bruno talks about how the woman he is in love with doesn’t know that the house used to be his. Let alone that he was the architect and constructor. 

I believe that this will be the moment when everything seems to be going uphill, she will find out his secret, get mad and say something to the line of “I bet you’re only with me to be in this house.” Then, he will feel sad, someone will give him motivation and he will prove to her his love is aimed towards her and not the house. They will kiss and the movie will be wrapped up.

This is an ending to a movie that some people can still stand, but most (like myself) are tired of it. Although it has the complexity of any 16 year old girls “problems” it has the potential to be humerus at certain points, simply due to the actors in the film. They have all have had moments of leading funny roles in the past to hopefully surprise me by becoming a great movie.