Apple’s new products lack innovation

Apple season; it’s everyone’s favorite season right? Nope! In reality, it’s the time where everyone talks about how good the phone is and how they are going to get it, but never do. Thousands of children around the world are asking their parents for the phone and then their parents quickly yell, “No!” Everyone is always trying to find the money to get it because they simply need a new one. It seems that this happens product after product and the cycle doesn’t stop now.

Apple released three phones in total and they are pretty cool. They have the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 pro, and iPhone 11 pro max. The names for Apple’s phones seem to just getting longer and longer. If they continue coming out with new phones, the name will eventually have to be an entire paragraph.


Apple released literally nothing of excitement, because the only thing notable on the new iPhones is that the camera went through its own phase of mitosis. Instead of having two camera systems blending together to make one long, clean looking camera, it is two or three separate 12mp cameras. Although this change is good because it introduces an impressive ultra wide camera view, I wish the three cameras could be combined for a simple design. 

Speaking of impressive cameras, can I just say how night mode is simply amazing. Night mode allows you to take photos in almost pitch black situations and manages to make it look like you have perfect lighting. I’ve always wanted this because taking pictures in the dark with flash just makes you look like a ripe tomato. 

 The only other new specs are switching to haptic touch from 3-D touch (which is kinda cool, but also pointless) changed from 800 nits of brightness to 1200 nits, A-13 bionic chip, water resistant up to 4 meters, and the battery life can last over 5 hours longer. Each of these are only slightly improved than it was previously. 

But my biggest question is why Apple? What on earth made you increase the brightness?? Most people leave their phones on one of the lowest brightness settings. I don’t even understand how someone can have their phone bright without getting a pounding migraine; now just amplify that by 400 nits.

Another negative aspect of the phone is the price.The iPhone 11 starts at $699 and the Max starts at $999. Most people, however, don’t get just the basic storage because it would run out in 5 minutes. This is a lot cheaper than I thought Apple would list them at, but still too expensive. The iPhone 11 come in six colors: red, purple, yellow, green, black, and white. The Max comes in 4 colorways, including space gray, midnight green, silver, and gold. The purple colorway on the 11 is the best by far. It’s more of a magenta and it looks super clean.


Apple also released series 5 of their Apple Watch. The watch is now 10.7mm thin instead of 11.4mm and now the watch has an electric heart sensor. That’s it. Literally nothing else of value. I am used to being disappointed by Apple’s products, but this is a new low. Apple hasn’t come out with a new elevated design since 2017 with the release of the iPhone X. 

When it comes down to it, the price of the phone and watch is absolutely not with the “upgrades” it claims to have.