PlayStation 5: Already played

2020 being the year of disappointment has continued. Sony announced their newest car radio- oops, sorry, I meant the PS5.


After the release of the PS4, people automatically started talking about the release of the PS5, due to the absolute trash can of a console the PS4 was. Does anyone actually use their PS4 for other reasons than a decoration in their room? 

Originally there was a rumor about a new PS4 Neo, but I don’t know what happened to that. It just disappeared like Sony’s fanbase after the release of the PS3, also known as the worst console ever released. This console was so bad. I would honestly rather play games on my Samsung smart fridge. 

If you were hoping for a new PlayStation console with new innovations, I would save your money. Anything new and innovative can be found on the PS2.


I do have to give Sony credit where credit is due on the PS2. This console did have some good innovations for 2000 that created a foundation for consoles today. But that’s in the past and the present is all that matters. 


The PS5 is set to be released before the 2020 holidays which seems far away. It will be priced at $400, the CPU is ryzen 8 core 7nm zen 2. It also features 3d audio, solid-state drive, resolution support, and a 4k blu ray player. The controller is an absolute battery drainer but the display is a good idea, it just looks poorly executed. 

More information will be announced in the future, but for now this is all the info we have on it. And who knows, maybe XBOX will release a new console with the same features before the PS5 comes out. I wouldn’t be mad about that at all.