TRAILER WATCH: THE GRUDGE becomes the horror beacon of hope

Well over a decade after both it’s wildly famous predecessors were released, THE GRUDGE duology is now scaring its way into a trilogy and it’s looking fantastic.

With the recent torrential downpour of terrible horror movies, this new trailer might just be the beacon of hope that the horror industry needs.

The movie looks incredible cinematographically and could prove more frightening than it’s 2004 and 2006 renditions. The way the movie seems to line up jump scares and the way they are shot just based off the trailer proves that this movie is going to be a new breed of terror and i’m very anxious to see what it holds.


Audio and soundtrack are such an important aspect of a scary movie and for THE GRUDGE that is probably the thing that they do best. From the twisted strings and chords of a broken guitar, to the gravelly moans of an un-dead demon, this movie has it nailed. Off sound alone, this movie had me falling off the edge of my seat.

From this trailer I could almost see no negatives about it; although it’s true we didn’t get much from it, at the same time there really is nearly nothing to critique

I am ecstatic for the release of this movie and to finally see a redemption to the horror movie genre.