Greyhound Review


The movie Greyhound is fantastic. Directed by Aaron Schneider, the film brings to life a battle in WW2 that I had never even heard of, which made it even more interesting. The movie includes famous actor Tom Hanks, a legendary actor who starred in films such as Forest Gump, Saving Private Ryan, and so many others. In this film, he plays the role of Navy Commander Ernest Krause. 

One of the cool aspects of this film was that other than Tom Hanks, I didn’t know one other factor which made the movie even more interesting. When first seeing the trailer for this movie, I was expecting this movie to be about a past WW2 event that they had already covered so many times. However, I came to realize that it wasn’t. 

The film is action-packed all the way through. The movie is all about how Krause(Hanks) led a group of ships across the Atlantic to meet up with more ships, but on their way, they get an unexpected surprise from the Nazis. I won’t say much more to avoid spoilers.

As mentioned in previous paragraphs, the thing I really enjoy is how this movie introduced us to a whole new battle during WW2. What I think makes this movie so great was how it was a battleship and a submarine battle instead of always doing movies about planes and the air battles. 

The movie has a lot going on at one time which made it a little confusing at some points so as long as you really pay attention you will understand the movie completely. One of the great things that made Greyhound so good was how it portrayed commander Krause, and how much he truly cared about his crew and even the workers on the ship. For example, his cook was an African American worker and having it be during WW2, before MLK, and seeing Krause treated him just as good as his second in command made the movie so much better. 

The last thing that I will cover is what commander Krause did for his crew members. During the battle, he was constantly making decisions in life or death scenarios, and most of the time he wasn’t even 100% sure if he was correct, which made the movie even more suspenseful.  

Greyhound was done very very well and it is most definitely a movie I could see over and over again. I truly recommend watching this movie if you ever get the chance.