Eye of the Tiger

Medical club takes photo for No Shave November

LUCAS GEWERTH November 21, 2019

The RHS medical club took on No Shave November, a month-long event to raise awareness and money for cancer treatments. People forgo shaving and hair treatments and donate the money they would have spent...

Canned food drive to donate to Salvation Army

HAYDEN HOFFMAN November 19, 2019

Students can bring in canned food to their second period class to donate to the Salvation Army. The RHS canned food drive will be ending on Thursday. According to student government teacher Brent Mattix,...


RJUHSD schools will move start times to 8:30 a.m. or later by 2022
LIZZIE PELZMAN November 18, 2019

RJUHSD schools will move start times back to 8:30 or later by July 2022. California State Governor Gavin Newsom signed Senate Bill 328 last month mandating high schools in non-rural communities to...

Classroom availability limited

Teachers adapt as student enrollment in science courses outnumbers classrooms
NICOLE KHUDYAKOV November 18, 2019

One week prior to the start of the 2018-2019 school year, physiology teacher Oliver Weiss learned he would now be teaching fourth period physiology, a lab-based science course, in a room that lacked the...

RHS to expand on parking by stadium

DEVON DICKENS November 18, 2019

RJUHSD will begin to recapture around 50 parking spaces after the completion of the new auxiliary gym, which is currently expected for next summer. These parking spaces will extend the senior lot parking...

Students work with model skeletons in PLTW Biomedical classes. Biomed student Jazzy Kittle said that school-established internship pathways would be beneficial for providing biomedical students with real-world experience.

RJUHSD to offer internships to students in CTE pathways

NATHAN PIEDAD November 18, 2019

RJUHSD is partnering with businesses to offer internships to students in the final class of CTE pathways which will count for high school credit. Students in the CTE courses will submit a cover letter,...

RHS bans food deliveries to campus

STAFF REPORT November 17, 2019

Starting next semester, students will no longer be able to have food delivered to RHS. According to assistant principal Jason Wilson, this is because orders present a security concern to students and staff.  “The...

PBIS introduces traveling ROAR store

LANDEN REYNOLDS November 17, 2019

Roseville's Positive Behavior Interventions and Support committee has created a traveling ROAR store to give students easier access to the shop. The mobile cart features the items usually sold at student...

Band claims first in all categories at competition

JULIE NGUYEN November 14, 2019

Last weekend, Roseville High School’s Tiger band and colorguard made a dynamic showing at the Grape Bowl Classic and walked away with an ensemble of awards. The band earned first place overall in their...

Last year's multicultural day. This year's celebration will take place next week.

BRIEF: Multicultural day to take place next week

JULIE NGUYEN October 25, 2019

Roseville High School will host its second annual Multicultural Day on November 1. Last year, the event featured dances, musical performances, food and stands representing different cultures.  While...

Gov. Newsom signs SB-328 mandating later school start times

LIZZIE PELZMAN October 22, 2019

RJUHSD schools will move start times back to 8:30 or later by July 2022. California State Governor Gavin Newsom signed Senate Bill 328 on Sunday mandating high schools in non-rural communities to start...

District to demolish small gym, build classrooms

LIZZIE PELZMAN October 14, 2019

After construction of the new gym is completed in 2020, RJUHSD plans to demolish the current small gym and build a two-story classroom building in its place, similar to the current 900’s buildings. At...

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