Eye of the Tiger

Sophomore Nathan Doan began parkour as a thirteen year old. Since then, he’s progressed to practicing free-running, as well as an apprenticeship position at his parkour training academy, Free Flow Academy. Within several months, Doan will graduate from the apprenticeship course and begin a payed job as a coach.

Sophomore somersaults into action

NICOLE KHUDYAKOV November 20, 2018

The vaults, lunges and leaps involved in parkour, a sport that tests its participants’ abilities to overcome obstacles, seem like something beyond human agility; yet, despite the difficulties attached...

HUMANS OF RHS: Skylar Harris

HUMANS OF RHS: Skylar Harris

November 18, 2018

  Senior Skylar Harris creates life through his artistic development of diverse characters and personalities. He has been drawing and creating characters since he was very young and hopes to intertwine...

Senior’s knack for photography grows into passion

RICKY SEGOVIA November 17, 2018

The amount of skill junior Riley Pabor has behind a camera is only matched by his willingness to take photos with it. Pabor particularly enjoys conducting photoshoots with his friends, as it combines several...

Senior launches professional career from the runway

Senior launches professional career from the runway

DANIELLE BENNETT November 13, 2018

Emma Erdman boarded the plane with her mother and sister in tow, ready to catch a flight to New York City. It was October of last year, with the usual hustle and bustle of the airport experience – an...

Media passion fuels future endeavors

NICOLE KHUDYAKOV November 2, 2018

Some people grow up knowing what they want to do with their lives, while others struggle to find a passion that speaks to them. Freshman Jayden Watters is among the lucky few whose idle exploration,...

Student’s DIY business rooted in legacy

MEGAN HUBER October 29, 2018

Junior Annie Jose doesn’t have to wait until spring to bloom into her creative potential. By assembling corsage sets for family and friends, Jose has been able to turn her skills into a business and...

Junior commits to once in a lifetime job opportunity

NICOLE KHUDYAKOV October 23, 2018

Saving civilians and goofing around with children is all in a day’s work for junior Nate Santos, whose scored a job dressing up as Spider-Man. Santos enjoys the chance to interact with and entertain...

Culinary students cook meals for The Gathering Inn

JOEY ROSETTI October 18, 2018

Last Friday, Culinary students cooked up meals for the homeless. Senior Brooke Bowen-Seay’s family expanded their tradition of aiding the homeless through Roseville High School’s Culinary program. “It...

Senior playwright directs personal work

CLAIRE TOWNSEND October 8, 2018

Senior Douglas Pomin is using his skills as a writer to bring people together through his play, Intertwined. When Pomin first began writing, he didn’t know which direction he was going to take his idea. “I...

Senior races towards future career path

JONAH LUCIA October 8, 2018

Senior Riley Morefield has spent about as much time with the clip-clop of horse hooves as she has hanging out with her friends. According to Morefield, equine endurance riding has been a passion of hers...

HUMANS OF RHS: Jordan Peppers

HUMANS OF RHS: Jordan Peppers

NICOLE KHUDYAKOV October 8, 2018

Despite only being in his freshman year, Jordan Peppers is already eager to take on life and start earning money, rather than spend his time in classes at RHS. Peppers is considering his options and looking...

Placer SPCA opens Roseville location

JULIE NGUYEN October 8, 2018

Animals have a way of hijacking the hearts of the masses — through phenomenons such as Corgi Con, “instafamous” pet accounts, or a simple house pet, many choose to call themselves animal-lovers....

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