Seniors capture their last year

May 26, 2023

Senior Parker Hellekson has been creating a movie this year to commemorate his final year at Roseville high school. He is compiling the clips and videos he takes with his buddies to put in this project which he aims to complete soon. The friends also went to places like LA, Tahoe, and more, filming some of the adventures and experiences the group spends before they all part after high school.

“It’s pretty much just my whole friend group. I started it at the beginning of Senior year,” Hellekson said. “Basically, it’s all the memories of our friend group from the first day we got out of school Junior year, the summer, and pretty much all of this year.”

One of Parker’s close friends in the movie, Senior Ethan Okelberry, had strong feelings about the outcome of their project, and has high hopes the movie comes out well.

“I’m Excited for the video,” Okelberry said. “But I’m a little nervous because I don’t remember a lot of the clips but I’m still excited.” 

Another one of Parker’s friends in the movie, Senior Kaden Belton, was also excited for their project to finally be completed, seeing the movie as a way they can look back on their high school lives as they move on to greater things after their senior year.

“We can all sit together and relive our senior year together,” Belton said.“It’s gonna be fun time reliving the moment again, it’ll be something special to watch.”

The movie is being made solely for the friend group, not being released on YouTube or any platforms, but for the purpose of having the great memories to look back on.

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