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HUMANS OF RHS: Hannah Bettencourt

HUMANS OF RHS: Hannah Bettencourt


  Hannah Bettencourt is using her first year of high school to her advantage. As a freshman, Bettencourt entered high school with only a tentative plan. She quickly shed her middle school habits,...

Sophomore guides dog into new role

MEGAN HUBER March 26, 2019

Oftentimes, there’s a feeling of dread associated with mom or dad coming home with what they consider to be a great idea. Luckily, for sophomore Brandon Eastman, that great idea came with a puppy attached....

Brink, along with various members of the Board Game Club, are in the process of reviving vintage card game Magic: The Gathering. After falling out of love with the game, its resurgence around RHS convined Brink to continue playing.

Students, teacher continue to game on

DEAN EDSTATHIU March 26, 2019

It seems that 2019 is the new 1993 with the revival of the old card game Magic: The Gathering (MTG), which has made its entrance at Roseville High School. Students of RHS have taken well to the game’s...

Creative writing class hosts annual poetry cafe

MEGAN HUBER March 21, 2019

At every midterm and final, the creative writing class gathers together in their poetry cafe in room 913 and read poems they’ve written during the semester to their classmates. The poetry cafe creates...

Campbell hones canine tactics

Campbell hones canine tactics

JAYDEN MILLER March 12, 2019

While dog shows don’t usually feature in everyone’s list of favorite childhood memories, RHS junior Catherine Campbell can thank dog shows for lighting the way to her future career. Campbell has always...

Jennifer Saigeon’s past experiences in Hollywood lead her to realize her love for teaching theatre.

Drama teacher acts on experience

AJ WELKER March 5, 2019

“That doesn’t matter, you have life experience!” It’s a line from Little Shop of Horrors, the first musical new drama teacher Jennifer Dithridge-Saigeon is directing at Roseville High School....

Teacher thinks on her feet, gets book deal

MEGAN HUBER February 22, 2019

RHS dance teacher Dawn Kenniston brought her dance floor mindset into her lifestyle after taking a leap into becoming a published author with her children’s book, That Rat Can Tap! The book features...

HUMANS OF RHS: Shaelene Wortham

HUMANS OF RHS: Shaelene Wortham

NICOLE KHUDYAKOV February 20, 2019

  Sophomore Shaelene Wortham has big plans for her future in theater. As a child, she gravitated toward the performing arts, despite her parents pushing to see her in a sports uniform. After acting...

Junior shoots for higher archery status

RILEIGH SHULL February 19, 2019

Six years ago, young Aubree Hernandez visited her grandfather’s home in Oregon on a family trip, unknowingly setting herself on a path that would last years into the future. Looking back as a junior,...

Sophomore takes TikTok day by day

NICOLE KHUDYAKOV February 15, 2019

In this digital age, many students find ways to express themselves online. However, for RHS Sophomore Lauren Wilson, her creative outlet has earned her many followers on the social media app Tik Tok.    Wilson’s...

RHS Theatre Company recognized for talent at Lenaea


Last weekend, Roseville High School Theatre Company showcased several students in competitions ranging from monologues to musical performances at the 2019 Lenaea High School Theatre Festival. Musical...

Students volunteer, develop and strengthen bonds

Students volunteer, develop and strengthen bonds

NICOLE KHUDYAKOV January 31, 2019

RHS students from the religious organization Young Life visited a forest camp called Woodleaf this weekend to serve as a work crew. The students helped serve the campers and give to the community, as...

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