Apple AirPods Pro hyped more than the product is worth

The First Apple AirPods released in January of 2019, rode their sound waves to fame, striking up countless memes and internet trends along the way. As a complete shock to Apple consumers, they released their second iteration, AirPods Pro.


The AirPods Pro have only been openly available to the public for no more than a week and they have already magnetized an immense amount of attention and media.

The memes surrounding the Apple AirPods Pro are almost better than its predecessor’s. The AirPods Pro closely resemble the Peashooter character from the widely popular Plants vs Zombies game which people all over the internet are having a field-day with.


What made the original AirPods so unique was the lack of rubber cushioning and the small compact aspect of them, however with the new AirPods Pro they had a considerable increase in size that turned a large amount of the previous purchasers away. Along with the new rubber tip on the end of the airpod, which also was a large contributor to people not buying them.

The sound quality in the new rendition of headphones has, however, had a volcanic increase and can be seen as a substantial increase in the audio ballgame.

Overall, the headphones are of sound use and design however, the Apple AirPods Pros expectations were struck out of the park, but the product landed in a rather neutral field.