TRAILER WATCH: DC’s Birds of Prey looks to hunt down on success

 For far too long, DC comic fans have been anticipating the all female, all butt-kicking, super villain team, Birds of Prey, and they have finally delivered, with the first official trailer dropping just two days ago.

The movie has been teased ever since the release of the widely popular movie IT, using it as a boost for a wider audience, however that boost might not have been needed with how amazing this trailer looked.


The costumes look absolutely impeccable and resemble their comic book counterparts with a realistic twist. By far, the best part of the trailer was seeing the importation of Harley Quinn’s classic pet hyenas, and they are looking phenomenal.

The biggest flaw in this film however is we only got to see two of the Birds of Prey and we don’t even know which ones will be in the movie besides those two we saw, Huntress and Harley Quinn. The movie really doesn’t seem like a Birds of Prey movie and more like a Harley Quinn solo movie with a few drop in appearances from the Birds of Prey, which was a real let down because the movie is supposed to shine light on lesser known characters, not characters like Harley Quinn which we know everything about already.

Surprisingly the cinematography was amazing, DC Comics isn’t known for their movies, rather notorious for their movies.  However with this movie and the Joker movie all on the way, we can expect to be seeing a boost in the approval of the DCCU.

The music of this movie was the kind that would give you goosebumps. The 1950’s song Hymne à L’amour was playing forebodingly in the background fit perfectly in with the style and feel of the trailer just enhancing the atmosphere ten fold. 

There wasn’t much to go on in the short trailer, but I’m really hoping for the attention to get taken off Harley a little and given to the characters the Birds of Prey fans would actually be the most excited to see.