Sacramento Ultimate Terror Scream Park scares up a good time

Trudging up to the Sacramento Ultimate Terror Scream Park, my hands were trembling, stomach twisted in wretched knots, and mind saturated in pure fear.

Scattered randomly throughout the parking lot of the Scream Park, people in realistic costumes meandered around, waiting to pounce on anyone approaching the admission line. However, once you escape these creatures and enter the doors of warehouse sized scream park, the horror only continues.

While waiting in line you can professionally have your picture taken, with an assortment of silly props and gadgets to pose with; the photos are purchasable at the end of the house.

Before I entered the house, we asked the gatekeeper between the demonic realm beyond the doors and us what she would rate the haunted house in a fear sense out of ten, and we got a firm answer of “Eight!” making me even more nervous to enter.

When the time came and we entered the doors, the last thing I was expecting was how tight and cramped the walls would be. The hallways twisted and winded down, allowing creatures from your worst nightmares to explode from the shadows, scaring the life out of you.


The narrow passageways seemed to drag on for an eternity and was almost exhausting to walk through. The costumes were not the scariest part however. There was a seemingly limitless amount of corners and doors throughout the maze-like structure, giving limitless amount of jump scares for the actors.

One of the scariest parts of the Scream Park was the near 600 foot walk of pure claustrophobic nightmare. There were two long inflatable black tubes that were on either side of you stretching on for hundreds of feet. Around halfway through I began to panic, questioning if I had possibly gone the wrong way and almost turned back. My head felt hot and intense feelings of anxiety began to build up within me. Until at last, I broke the threshold of the absolute darkness of the inflatable sarcophagus.

Being followed for several seconds on end from creatures, your mind couldn’t even begin to make up the feeling of being cornered like a rabbit for several seconds, whilst you hopelessly search for an escape. It was something that I wish I hadn’t have lived through. That fear definitely resinated even after I had finished the Haunted House.

The scream park for me was a must do event for the Halloween season. The actors and set designers all did an amazing job, securing the amazingly terrifying atmosphere. It doesn’t matter if you have arachnophobia, claustrophobia, or  hemophobia, the only thing you need to be scared of at the Sacramento Ultimate Terror Scream Park is common sense.