Joker dances it’s way as one of Hollywood’s best films

To go witness a masterpiece, such as Joker, you have to arrive mentaly equipped for the mental and emotional bounds this film will stretch you to. I, along with the rest of the crowd seeping into the theater was bubbling with effervescence and excitement, was completely unprepared for the torrent of twisted psychological torture we would be subject to. 

Joaquin Phoenix executed his role in Joker with astonishing complexity and precision. His acting built the movie from the ground up and had me glued to his character within the first twenty minutes. 

He had the hair, the body, the smile, but most importantly, he had the laugh. The most trademark feature of the Joker is his laugh, and Phoenix had it down to a tee. I was blown away by his performance and was left flabbergasted at the end. His ability to portray the slow, mental downfall of a mentally ill loner was just jaring.


There isn’t many words that can describe the hefty feelings this films weighs on you. This is one of the movies that you would have to see to truly understand. The cinematography, the lighting, the atmosphere, just every minute detail and effort put into this movie doesn’t go unnoticed. 

One of the best parts of the movie is the soundtrack; the songs in the movie left me craving more just like it. Seeing the joker in his full costume, with Gary Glitter’s Rock and Roll Pt. 2, ran chills throughout my body and was just perfect. The same goes for all the other music featured.

One of the best scenes in cinematic history, dubbed the “Stair Scene” by fans, was just beautiful. His happy attitude draws direct contrast from the atmosphere of the movie. This scene was made an immediate icon, and danced it’s way into the cinematic hall of fame.

Throughout the course of 2019’s films that have dropped, Joker is definitely one of the best that has been released. Definitely make your way your nearest cinema and watch Joker, as it really will put a smile on your face.