Big Mouth season 3 trailer leaves fans horrified




With the return of fall comes the return of the widely popular adult animated series Big Mouth, and the newly released trailer shows us it’s about to be the craziest season yet. 

We see the return of all of our fan favorite characters, and episodes that are going to be jam packed with action and humor.

Based off just the trailer alone, season three is going to be the same adult and gross-out humor that we’re used to and, against all odds, this season appears to be filled with more of it than the previous two seasons. 

The only thing that this new season would have to look out for is being repetitive. Sticking to the same formula for three seasons could leave fans bored, however, knowing Netflix, they won’t fall short on the action and excitement for this new season.

This trailer was so full of gross images and dirty dialogue that fans would have a difficult time watching it at work or even with a friend. This trailer was by far the nastiest in terms of adult picture and should have definitely left a not safe for work warning on the intro so viewers weren’t mortified when playing this in public.

On the plus side, even more awkward and funny comedic plot lines were introduced and I’m beyond excited to see how they play out on screen. 

Luckily fans don’t have to wait long, with the surprisingly close release date of October 4th. Hopefully watchers aren’t let down when the new season of Big Mouth is released.