Gunship’s 80’s rock and vaporwave mix recipe for masterpiece

If you’re anything like me, both a huge fan 80’s rock and the new music genre vaporwave, you would truly enjoy the recently released album Dark All Day by Gunship. The feelings that these songs give me are absolutely incredible, as they blast listeners with an incredibly powerful wave of nostalgia.

It’s very rare to find the perfect vaporwave song to snap you right back to 1984, feeling as if you’re lying in bed with a broken heart, listening to the soothing and relaxing verses and pre-chorus. Dark All Day takes you on a journey to 1987 gym class through the animated and overall hype chorus.

These aspects were particularly  prominent in the songs Cyber City, Symmetrical, Time After Time, and Woken Furies, which were simultaneously the best songs in the  album, exhibiting well made and developed lyrics as well as beautiful choruses that both relax listeners  and excite the atmosphere.

Each and every song in the album is absolutely amazing, but the cover of Cyndi Lauper’s 1983 classic Time After Time stands out among the rest. This song steals the show and completely lives up to all the hype since the song’s first announcement in early October of 2018.

Truthfully, the song proves better than the original with a new, more energetic chorus and a synthwave type feel throughout the verses. Though many people were skeptical of the idea and were worried that Gunship would butcher the song, many reviews revealed their surprise at its success, stating that the cover proves to be better than its early 80’s counterpart.

Gunship’s broader audience are adolescents and young adults who feel a connection to the early nostalgia that they never experienced, like me. The vaporwave type of music brings feelings of happiness and warmth to me and thousands of others into this genre of music.

It completely overrides your mind, freezing any of your negative feelings and emotions through the beautiful rhythm of every song.

This album does an incredible job of encapsulating this vibe throughout  similar to Gunship’s previous albums GUNSHIP and The Rise of the Synths, which were both incredible albums themselves and exhibited many of the same amazing aspects of vaporwave as Dark All Day.

In comparison to the other albums, Dark All Day proves to be way better than the others and is an amazing addition to their collection of music. The majority of music listeners are hesitant to give this type of music a try, let alone this album in and of itself; however, I highly recommend that anyone in search of new music or not give Gunship a chance: it’s most definitely worth a listen.