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Robotics inspires engineering thinking with local company tours

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Roseville High School’s Robotics team toured Parallax Inc. and Harris and Bruno International, design and manufacturing companies to inspire members’ possible career interests in engineering. These visits occurred after school each of the past two Wednesdays.

President of the Robotics team Kevin Carlson personally enjoyed touring and the opportunity for club members to be inspired.
“We got to see how a lot is processed,” Carlson said. “It helped our team by connecting us with engineers.”

According to technician of Harris and Bruno International Donnie Pullins, the tours were useful for the students focusing on motivating the team members.

“I enjoyed doing it,” Pullins said. “They all were engaged and asked good questions. It’s a huge advantage to see what a real life manufacturing company looks like up close and personal.”

According to Carlson, the Robotics team found the tours beneficial as well.

“It helps us stay motivated when there’s low points in our season and gives people insight to what you can do with what we’re learning now,” Carlson said.

Team member Ryan Corrigan, appreciated the opportunity to gain the up-close look at a real-world job. According to Corrigan, the two companies may potentially provide funding for RHS’ Robotics in the future, opening new doors for the team.

“We got to learn how our club can be used in real life scenarios and how people use the skills we’re given,” Corrigan said. “We have potential sponsorships and access to their knowledge.”

Club member Monsieur Denaga was inspired to make the team better after the tour.

“We got a lot of insight on how Parallax [works] and they overall gave us more perspective on how we can improve our club,” Denaga said.
Robotics team advisor John Fuller appreciated the companies’ participation.

“The CEO of the company seems very enthusiastic about helping us out in the future,” Fuller said. “The kids had a lot of questions and learned a lot.”
According to Fuller, RHS is lucky Parallax is so close to the school.

“We’re lucky to show kids here the possible related job fields you can do,” Fuller said.

According to Carlson, everyone on the team generally wants to work with engineering.

Corrigan would like to become a mechanical engineer, Denaga is interested in the medical field, and Carlson would like to pursue aerospace engineering.

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