TRAILER WATCH: Star Wars new trailer gives a finality feel to an unfinished project

TRAILER WATCH: Star Wars new trailer gives a finality feel to an unfinished project

After nearly 2 months since the last peek we got at Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, we finally got the final trailer for the highly anticipated movie and it looks just fantastic.

I have never seen such a visually appealing trailer before this one. Every shot is perfection embodied into a video clip. From the clips of waves crashing across a sunken ship, to the image of a lit light-saber shining through dense fog, everything couldn’t have been cinematographically better.

Visual effects and CGI have always been incredible in Star Wars movies, but in this one it seems like they have reached an all new level of quality. All of the spaceships look just incredible and in one particular clip, there is one rising out of ice. Every single detail in that clip just shows how amazing all of the effects are going to be in this final episode in the Star Wars Saga.

While Disney says that this will be the end of the Saga, there are three more untitled Star Wars movies. So while they say it is the last episode of the Star Wars series, it really isn’t. My only fear for this unending torrent of Star Wars movies releasing every two to three years is that there will be way too many movies, to the point where we all are sick of them.

There is an overwhelming sense of finality in this trailer too though. It just seems like the end, and while I know it isn’t, it just feels like it is. Voice overs of people saying how this is the end just really adds to the feeling, and a clip of C3PO saying that he wants to “take one last look” at his friends does not make me feel any better.    

Running out of ideas for Star Wars movies is not something I fear though. There is a plethora of fresh stories that have not even been adopted yet. After Walt Disney gained control of Lucasfilms, most of the books and literature that was written about Star Wars was declared non-canon. 

However the Thrawn series of books is incredibly highly acclaimed and most people that are really into the Star Wars lore are really hoping that it will soon be adopted onto the silver screen.

No matter how the next couple Star Wars movies shape out, I’m sure that this will be possibly one of the best Star Wars movies that has ever been released.