Dolemite is my Name marks Eddie Murphy’s end

Eddie Murphy is back.

It’s been a while since he’s been in his prime, and with his newest movie, Dolemite is my Name, he is going back to his prime.


He even admits that this is his comeback time. He wants this to be the end of his story and he wants to go out touring, hosting SNL, doing stand-up, and of course, making hilarious movies like this one. Currently he is signed up to have a Netflix comedy special sometime next year and hosting Saturday Night Live this December, so his end-of-career extravaganza sadly seems to be going wonderfully.

Dolemite is my Name is absolutely fantastic too. It is the perfect beginning of the end for Murphy. The old school 70’s blaxploitation vibe to the movie is so masterfully created and is a perfect setting for Murphy and all of the other actors.

Speaking of the other actors, this is an all-star cast of black comedians including Chris Rock, Keegan-Michael Key, Craig Robinson, and Wesley Snipes. All of them thrive in their role too, with no obvious slip ups.


The movie is based off of the story of the actor and performer Rudy Ray Moore, the creator of the 70’s blaxploitation film, Dolemite. It follows his path to fame through comedy, outlandish performances, and eventually his big screen aspirations

You may think that this kind of scripted role may trip up Murphy and his improvistic ways, but he stayed in stride the entire time. According to his fellow actors, Murphy broke script multiple times, and that probably contributed to the super genuine feel in the movie.

The soundtrack is also one of the best movie soundtracks that have come out in recent years. Almost all of them are classic 70’s R&B and Soul songs that really just blend with the vibe of the movie perfectly. While it isn’t as good as “Shaft and Superfly combined”, like Murphy jokes in the movie, it still is wonderful.


Of course, Eddie Murphy was the star of this film, but Wesley Snipes had a breakout performance in this movie. He is arguably funnier than Murphy in the movie, and may just get an Oscar nomination for his outstanding performance.

After watching the original Dolemite movie, this movie actually does a great job of showing the way that the movie was designed. All of the cheesy kung-fu moves and poor acting is recreated perfectly in Murphy’s version of Dolemite.

Since this is Murphy’s beginning of the end, I would definitely recommend checking this out. Dolemite is my Name goes down in Murphy’s pantheon of great films and hopefully this ushers in a new golden age of Eddie Murphy.