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March 3, 2020

After Pixar’s recent string of success, their newest film, Onward, is definitely something to be excited about. Onward focuses on a world full of little blue monster creatures, and no, they’re not smurfs.. they’re pretty close though. These creatures lived in a world of magic and two of them are going to bring their late father back for a day with the magic.

That plotline already is a recipe for me crying in a theater. Adding into that the fact that it is Pixar, who makes some of the most poignant movies ever, it is almost a guarantee that I will be bawling in the theater as it plays.


The animation looks great too, especially since Pixar’s animation is basically unrivaled by any other. There really is no reason to not be excited about this movie at all.
While some of Pixar’s jokes and humor is sometimes too childish, this movie looks like the jokes will actually be pretty funny for teenagers and adults, which is always exciting too. This small detail will add to the film, making it so that people of all ages could continually watch and enjoy the movie time and time again.

Tom Holland and Chris Pratt voice the two brothers in Onward, which is maybe one of the best combos that could have been put together. It’s like ketchup and mustard, Bonnie and Clyde, or me and eating food wrong.

The two Peters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe teaming up on this animated movie will forever go down in the history of film as one of the best duos imagined.

The trailer shows promising story telling and has clean animated shots. It’s easy to tell how much time and detail went into this film, which will only help bring them more success.
I could not be more excited for this movie’s release.

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