MUST WATCH: Good Luck Charlie, It’s Christmas

Certain movies will just put you in that holiday feeling. Elf puts you in that holiday feeling, Home Alone puts you in that holiday feeling, Christmas Vacation puts you in that holiday feeling and I will go to the ends of the earth to say that Good Luck Charlie: It’s Christmas will put you in that holiday feeling.

I watch Good Luck Charlie: It’s Christmas every year without fail and I completely enjoy it every year, without fail.


The Good Luck Charlie television show was good, definitely nothing to turn your nose up at, but it wasn’t extraordinary or anything like that. But this movie is possibly the greatest thing that Disney Channel ever came out with, and I mean that.

If you liked the television show, then you will love this movie because still covers the Duncan family’s adventures. However, even if the show wasn’t your bag you will still love just because it different than the show in all the best ways.

The movie follows the regular gang from the television show and their journey to make it to Palm Springs in time for Christmas morning and I know that sounds like the most mundane Christmas movie plot ever thought of, but everything comes together in this one to make it just fantastic.

Cinematography in Good Luck Charlie: It’s Christmas is low quality, I’ll admit. If you choose to check this movie out, you will not be impressed by the camerawork at all, but the combination of everything else makes up for the minor pitfalls.

Honestly, the cinematography isn’t the only low quality part of the movie, I bet the budget for this movie was not over a couple thousand and that’s one of the best parts of the movie. None of the scenes seem overly produced at all, which kind of adds to the charm of the whole thing.


Bridget Mendler, who plays Teddy in the movie and show, performed the theme music for the movie and it may again be one of the best theme songs in all of Disney Channel history. These claims sound outlandish I know, but that is just how good this movie is.

Unfortunately there was only a couple original songs in the movie. However, even the songs in the soundtrack that aren’t performed by Bridget Mendler are heat. It features the song Christmas in Vegas by Terry Factor, which has made its way into my Christmas playlist for the past couple of years just from being on this movie. 

Good Luck Charlie: It’s Christmas actually was the first Christmas themed movie that premiered on the Disney Channel after a ten year drought of them and oh boy this was a good one to come back for.

If you haven’t checked this movie out, do it. It’s now on Disney+, just another reason to get the streaming service. But if you have seen this movie, then another time wouldn’t hurt!