FOOD REVIEW: Nixtaco- one of a kind

Sheltered behind a martial arts academy and a hearing aid center is one of the best restaurants in Roseville. Actually scratch that, one of the best restaurants in the whole Sacramento area. 

Nixtaco is truly a hidden gem. I happened to stumble upon this place by pure accident, and boy was I happy once I got there. The place is filled with the aroma of freshly cooked meats and spices and, consequently, the sound of your stomach rumbling.

At first glance, the menu isn’t a whole lot, which is relatively true, but the menu is small for a reason; they have absolutely mastered each and every taco on the menu. Each one has been perfected down to each grain of salt and every speck of black pepper.

The chef and owner, Patricio Wise, is a renowned chef and wins food competitions like it is his job and, well, it kind of is. His expertise isn’t only restricted to tacos though. He has started to expand into burgers and even started competing in burger competitions. 

The tacos are nowhere near traditional too; each taco has its own little twist that makes them even more amazing. Like the Shrimp Mazatlan taco which has shrimp, bacon, and garlic all in a puddle of melted cheese on their incredible house-made corn tortilla.

PICTURED: The Shrimp Mazatlan Taco and the Pollo en Mole Taco

Speaking of it, all of the flavors in the Shrimp Mazatlan taco blend together so perfectly. The saltiness of the shrimp and the cheese go against the smokiness of the bacon and it is amazing. 

The fried chicken taco was possibly my favorite taco there. Not only is the crunch of the fried chicken a masterpiece in, and of itself, but the paprika and chilli powder heavy seasoning is what makes the whole taco. 

While the meat and spices that are in the tacos are incredible, the corn tortilla itself is what holds everything together. The tortilla is a very pronounced taste and if you don’t like corn tortillas, these tacos may not be your thing. But if you do, holy moly, you will love these.

The ambiance of the restaurant is incredible too. It’s got kind of this hipster vibe and all of the steel chairs and wooden tables that decorate the dining area all blend together perfectly with the feel of the food too.

The feel of the dining room is actually analogous to the food. The ingredients, much like the furniture in the dining room, are just plain by themselves, but when paired together, it blends into one whole that creates the awesome flavors that you can only find at NixTaco.