PRIME fighting its way to the top



Established in 2022, PRIME Hydration was created by two of the biggest Youtubers in the world, Logan Paul and KSI. From hating each other to having 2 boxing matches these creators united to create the ultimate hydration drink. To say they have made a big boom in the Hydration world is an understatement. 

Two internet celebrities starting a business together isn’t definitely unheard of, but being able to have success with it is a different story. Not only is it hard to make a newly found beverage company, but joining a super competitive industry, such as hydration drinks, is extremely difficult. Having multiple million dollar companies to compete with, such as Gatorade, Powerade, and Body Armor to compete with. Despite their challenges, PRIME has had major success. Since the start of the company, to December, it was almost impossible to purchase the drinks in advertised stores, due to them always being sold out. There are many reasons that PRIME has the success that it has today, but arguably the biggest is its marketing tactics.  

While starting up, PRIME had a major boost compared to other companies, due to the fact that the founders had millions of followers online. Smartly, Logan Paul and KSI announced their company on a Co- Instagram live stream. Grabbing attention from some of Logans’ following, as well as JJ’s following. Soon after the announcement stream, Logan uploaded an announcement video on his youtube channel gaining around 7 million views. Throughout the year, they continued to promote the beverage on their respective platforms, as well as encourage many mutual influences to do the same. 

One big push Gatorade did to market their drink more was to sponsor different sports and shows, the most notable being the NFL. PRIME took a page from that book and started looking for brands to sponsor. The first one is the professional Football Club Arsenal F.C. arguably one of the biggest teams in the European football Premier League. They would sponsor Arsenal by fueling the players, making the drink available for purchase during match days, and having signs in the arena. 

Most recently, during Super Bowl Sunday, PRIME had a pre-game Super Bowl commercial. It was cool to see two YouTubers on the grand stage that is Super Bowl commercials, but the commercial itself just feels like a basic YouTube ad. 

There are a total of 7 hydration flavors and I honestly prefer them over Gatorade. My favorites are Lemon Lime and Ice Pop. If these flavors are really cold, they taste really good. They also don’t leave that weird taste in your mouth like Gatorade. The bad flavors on the other hand are Orange and Meta Moon. I just don’t enjoy these flavors at all. 

Overall PRIME has had massive success in its first year of business and I can’t wait to see where they go. It’s kind of neat to see so much success from just two goofy YouTubers.