Skittles: Return of the Lime




After many years of eating candy in disappointment, Mars, Inc. has brought back the lime flavored Skittle.

In 2013, Mars, Inc. discontinued the lime flavored Skittle and replaced it with green apple. No one really knows why this decision was made, but green apple was disappointing compared to it’s citrus predecessor.

Before the lime flavor was discontinued, there was even a pack that only had the lime flavor. I didn’t get to experience this but it sounds magical and I hope they bring it back. In fact, I hope there is a sour pack of it too.

Fans were committed to bringing lime back, even creating petitions, making social media posts, and bashing green apple as much as they could. Everybody knows the saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” and Mars, Inc. should have lived by this. Bringing the lime Skittle back is just teaching the next generation that perfection is possible, and perfection is the lime Skittle.

If you look on the website, there were countless petitions asking to bring back the lime Skittle. There were also plenty of petitions on social media, mostly on Twitter and Instagram. For how many people were talking about it, I’m surprised it took this long to bring back the popular flavor.

Many fans of Skittles disagreed strongly with the decision to replace lime with green apple, and it’s easy to see why. Green apple is not a good flavor compared to the others. When eating all the flavors together, which many people do, the green apple sticks out and clashes with the other flavors. 

Green apple overall just isn’t a very popular flavor in any candy. There is not a candy with multiple flavors where the green apple flavor is the most popular. The only green apple flavor I personally like is the Caramel Apple Pops, which only has the green apple flavor, and I don’t even eat them that often. There are big candy companies that have the same issue with the terrible green apple flavor. Candies like Jolly Ranchers, Big League Chew, Pop Rocks, Hi-Chew, and unfortunately many more.

It is not that people dislike the flavor itself, although I do not like the flavor, it is just that the flavor does not fit as well as the lime did. Lime just made a lot more sense. There is already a lemon flavor so you can get that lemon/lime combo. You could also throw in orange and get the full citrus experience. A lot of fans just seem to have missed the lime Skittle and really disliked green apple.

I personally remember the lime Skittle when I was a kid. I remember all the times I would go to a football game and ask my parents for money and get myself the Sour Skittles. The first thing I would do is get a lemon Skittle and a lime Skittle and eat them together. Now that is an experience. 

I don’t remember them getting replaced but I do know that I’ve never liked the green apple Skittles and every time I got a pack I would just have a Skittles bag with like twenty green Skittles left over.

Luckily, Mars, Inc. seems to have come to their senses and brought back the lime Skittles. The lime flavor came back in October of this year, replacing the inferior green apple. As of right now, the lime flavor appears in the Original and Sour variants. From what we know, the lime flavor is going to be permanent, so goodbye to the terrible green apple Skittles. Hopefully more candy companies will follow.