NUEVO: Limited range of A.C. insufficient

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mugshot_nuevoBY BRIAN NUEVO 
[email protected]

The limited range of temperature control has made classrooms hot and significantly more uncomfortable than the temperature outside. Both teachers and students deal with stuffy, warm classrooms which they have no control over. It’s an everyday dilemma that goes on, especially in the 900s. Comfortable temperatures outside almost never lead to comfortable temperatures inside.

Classrooms do have individual temperature control for unseasonably warm winter days or cold summer days but these temperatures can only be changed within four degrees. The air conditioning system begins operating depending on the weather outside. The cooler will kick in between 66 and 70 degrees and the heater operates at 74 and 78 degrees.

Just walking around campus you see more than half of the doors open. Everyone is trying to cool down the classrooms with the mildly nicer weather outside, bothering the teacher to ask “can we crack the door open?” Without any other windows for ventilation, opening a door is not enough to make any difference, and classes get bothered by noise outside from passing students.

This problem is most prevalent in the 900s buildings. Walking upstairs you can feel the warmth in building. These upstairs classrooms have no openable windows and the doors only open to a hallway. Add 30-something bodies in a classroom and it’s about 10 degrees hotter than it is outside.

These are not isolated issues – multiple students I have talked to complain or comment about the problem.

Classrooms need to be allowed more freedom of use with the AC. Just because it isn’t over 80 degrees doesn’t mean that classes are comfortable and don’t need AC.