EARL: Find other avenues to promote completion of Financial Literacy

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mugshot_earlBY EMILY EARL
[email protected]

As seniors already know from either the emails, phone calls or classroom visits made by admin, we are the first class required to complete the Personal Finance course. And we also know that if we do not complete the course we will lose the “privilege” of Senior Ball.

The Personal Finance course was introduced last spring. At that time, RHS staff suggested we complete it before the start of senior year. This gave the senior class an option to complete a course over the summer and they didn’t. Was anyone surprised?

It is now the beginning of spring term 2016, meaning this course was assigned to us about a year ago. Only 21-percent of students have completed it.

But honestly, does 21-percent completion five weeks before the deadline seem like that bad of a number for a spring-term senior class?

Mr. Coleman recently visited my AP Literature class presenting a slide show on the course. He informed the class that each student who didn’t complete the assignment by March 11 will be put on senior conduct and not be allowed to attend senior ball.

I have not started yet and as long as I finish before the due date don’t really care.

The school has done more than enough to inform everyone of the Personal Finance, maybe even too much.

Technically, this online course was just supposed to be completed before we walk across the stage at graduation. By threatening to not allow the students that haven’t completed the course to not attend senior ball, they are only trying to prevent procrastination, which is a common habit among most seniors.

I assume the majority of the senior class planning on attending senior ball will still just complete the course a couple days before it’s due.

If admin really wants students to complete the course early, they should not leave that up to students and take time at school to complete it. In a class like Health and Safety where you have plenty of free time, they should take a week with Chromebooks to finish the course when you are a freshman.

Freshmen are soon going to be needing all of this information, but similar to the seniors will not do this course outside of class even though they could use the information now.

The Personal Finance course is everyone’s own deal and seniors will live with the consequences of finishing late, but it could easily be completed during school hours if students were given the opportunity.