REA: Clearing up the misconceptions about senioritis

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mugshot_reaBY MONIQUE REA
[email protected]

High school students could basically be separated into two groups: those who do their work and those who have fallen down the path of a slacker.

However, as a senior, I and many others in my class have another quite valid excuse for our lack of motivation: senioritis.

So we get it, seniors get senioritis. But why is it that freshmen, sophomores, and juniors sometimes claim to have this epidemic that kills so many GPA’s each year? Fortunately I have a more valid diagnosis for non-seniors having senioritis and that is called laziness.

The truth is, deadlines for UCs, CSUs, private schools, and out-of-state applications have mostly passed. Those who have already decided on going to a junior college know that is the path they want to continue on, so what’s the point in even going to school besides still having to complete graduation requirements?

UC’s alone don’t look at grades that aren’t academic and grades from the entirety of senior year. Unless you get an F in a class the colleges you apply to won’t ever know what happened your senior year.

That’s why seniors have senioritis. My only motivation to go to school and maintain my grades is the fact that I have to take English 12 and I enjoy seeing a good GPA on my transcripts. Other than that, I would sleep in every day until I got on student conduct and was forced to go to school. While I don’t succumb to the temptation, many seniors do.

Truth be told, unless you’re a senior you shouldn’t have senioritis because you haven’t already applied to colleges and your classes still do matter. If you do claim to have the senior epidemic please just accept that you’re actually just lazy.

If you are just lazy, find a different excuse for your struggles because you aren’t authorized to pull the senioritis card yet.

And thus my last message to non-seniors: Although not doing schoolwork may seem like the most appealing solution, take my advice when I say your grades matter. I advise you to not be “lazy” and take the time to get help in your classes. Trust me you will thank yourself in the future when you get into college.