SCHMITTNER: Handle kids in class rather than the office

Web_Schmittner_mugshotBY KADEN SCHMITTNER
[email protected]

Whenever I see a kid get in trouble in class for arguing, breaking the classroom rules, or distracting others, they almost always just get sent up to the office for admin to deal with.

What I’m not sure is if those handing out the punishments realize that being sent to the office is exactly what most of these kids want. They want out of class and would even rather be in the office than taking notes or testing.

Teachers sending them to the office instead of dealing with them on their own is not the way to handle their behavior. I understand that it is probably more easier or more convenient for the teacher at the moment, but the next day or whenever the student gets back to class, the student is behind on work by a whole day.

It makes more sense to me and would probably be easier on the teacher and better for the students learning just to write them a detention. This would keep the student in class for the rest of the period, and they would be in trouble, which in their eyes is a lose-lose situation, being stuck in class and being in trouble while having to stay at school longer.

If I was a teacher, that is what I would do because it makes the students less likely to act out and cause trouble, with a punishment that is much more of a hassle for them and doesn’t allow them to get out of school as soon as possible.

On the other hand, if I were a student getting in trouble I would probably want my punishment to be getting out of class, not having to stay in, learn, be forced to focus, and then have to stay for detention after school.

Quite honestly, at this point I am not sure if the kids getting in trouble fear the assistant principals handing out their punishments at the office. Those that are getting in trouble have probably been in this situation many times before. They have seen them enough that they know what type of reaction and lecture they will get, one that doesn’t mean that much to them.

Teachers should stop sending kids to the office and give them a harsher and more woeful devoir. If they did, I feel it would mitigate the amount of students acting out in class.