RHODE: Uphold professionalism while working at school

Web_Rhode_mugshotBY HUNTER RHODE
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Everyone sees high school differently, but despite the different views on how you ultimately want your high school experience to be, everyone is working toward the same goal – graduation. When someone tells you that high school flies by, they aren’t wrong.

If I were to reflect on my four years at Roseville High School, I would say that most of my memory consists of coursework, and I would think that most can relate or agree with me because of the fact that we are all working towards that common goal. Doing the same thing for four straight years seems to get a little repetitive and students can understandably start getting restless.

Some students make bad choices and engage in behaviors at school that could lead to expulsion or prevention of graduation. Now I understand that everyone makes mistakes and that it is all part of growing up. High school is an exciting time for students of all ages and grade levels because of the new experiences and new people. For a lot of people, high school is the last time to embrace a smaller, familiar setting in which they can be comfortable with the people, and educational setting. However, some people get too comfortable and get distracted from what we are really in school for.

My personal rule to abide by is “work hard, play hard.” I think that students need to recognize and pay more attention to when they need to work, and when it is okay to play. Getting the two mixed up can leave room for error and slip ups, which and ultimately result in unachievable goals. No, you may not get arrested for having a controlled substance at school or for fighting or blatantly breaking rules, but you’ll get a scolding and a 5 day suspension. But those are only immediate consequences. In the long run, when applying for colleges, things like that don’t go unnoticed.

It is beneficial for a student of any age and grade to stay as focused as possible and goal motivated. High school is a time for new and fun experiences, but it doesn’t make poor decisions in or outside of school okay and forgivable.

If you’re doing it right, you’re putting your head down and getting your work done. But when you look back up, there’s less time than you think. I couldn’t imagine doing anything to jeopardize it and strongly advise others to maintain the same mindset.